Mystery Bundle

Mystery Bundle

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For folks who love a surprise!

Ingredients will be added to your Mystery Bundle in all different jar sizes, from all categories of our products. 

We are able to exclude particular ingredients for allergy or "I already have a bunch of that" reasons :)

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Customer Reviews

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The quality of the ingredients seem to be great. However, selecting a "mystery" bundle, I did expect to receive a little more value, as I was not able to pick any of the products myself. Comparing to the shops retail prices, I received an extra fourteen cents worth of product.
The tax and shipping killed this deal for me, as well. I really wanted to live this small business, but will continue to look elsewhere to fulfill my needs. Especially in today's economy, everyone is looking for a that something special to make a company want you to spend with them over others. I did not find it here, unfortunately.

Bonita Weaver

Love it

Micah M.
Mystery Bundle

I wasn't sure what to expect when purchasing the mystery bundle however it surpassed my expectations!

Everything time I reached in the box I was giddy when I found a brown paper wrapped container.

Excited to try another now!!