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Creating Space for Self Discovery

Community, Education, and Philosophy centering Witchcraft, Zero Waste, Neurodivergence 

Sky Clad Coven $3/month

Welcome to the Coven! This membership tier is focused on community and voting with your dollars. By subscribing you will be supporting Sky Clad Apothecary in their continued mission to create access to products that are good for our planet, souls, and brains. Members will have access to an exclusive Discord server where we can share knowledge and support on our Zero Waste, Witchcraft, and Neurodivergent journeys! This group will be consulted about new product selections, get first dibs on limited edition products, and enjoy a 5% discount on all products for the lifetime of your membership. You will also be added to the Coven Notion where you'll gain access to free Notion templates and living Notion databases like our Small Business Database (launching soon). 

Sky Clad Coven $6/month

Gain access to the Sky Clad Book of Shadows and Grimoire! The Book of Shadows will be a comprehensive reference guide to all ingredients in the shop, Zero Waste and Neurodivergent concepts and what-we-know-so-far information plus Witchcraft practice definitions and history. Lindsey employs her research training to deliver literature reviews (articles detailing the scientific research on a particular topic for the last 10 years) about each ingredient offered at Sky Clad Apothecary. The Grimoire will feature accounts of Lindsey's personal practice, workings, reflections and explorations. This tier includes all the perks from the previous tier, plus a 10% discount for the lifetime of your membership

Sky Clad Coven $10/month

This tier features content centered around the Witch's Wheel of the Year and how we can use it as a guide for mundane and magical living. Because of who we are, all the content will fall into one of the following categories:

Kitchen Witchcraft: Dishes utilizing the ingredients and magic of the Sabbats, tea blends, and from-scratch recipes 

Green Witchcraft: Getting back to the rhythms of nature and how the concepts and cycles can guide our internal and external work

Hearth Magic: Homemaking from the perspective of magic, Zero Waste, and accomodating ourselves as the individuals we are and would like to be

Glamour Magic: All things beauty and self expression from fashion and makeup to home decor

And be created through a lens of Zero Waste, Neurodivergence, and how to attempt to honor our values in a meaningful, joyful way. This tier includes all perks available in the lower tiers, plus a 15% discount for the duration of your membership

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Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Baker
Not able to access

Sadly I haven’t been able to successfully access the content, despite trying multiple times and emailing for help. I requested to stop the subscription.



Lucinda Jardon


Teresa M
Coven review.

Helpful info for individuals new to herbal medicine and witchcraft. Lovely ladies and community willing to share in your individual journey.

Sandra Davis

Sky Clad Coven


Auto-renews, skip or cancel anytime.

Auto-renews, skip or cancel anytime.

Auto-renews, skip or cancel anytime.